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November 18, 2014

Amendments to the Regulations to Mexico’s Foreign Investment Law and the National Registry of Foreign Investments

By Floriberto Morales

On October 31, 2014, Mexico’s Department of Economy published the amendments to the Regulations to the Foreign Investment Law (RLIE for its acronym in Spanish) in the Official Journal of the Federation, which will come into effect 60 business days after publication (February 12, 2015). This is the case notwithstanding the provisions set forth in Articles 2 and 29 Bis of the RLIE, which came into effect on November 1, 2014, and were enacted to simplify the submission of notices before the National Registry of Foreign Investments (“RNIE” for its acronym in Spanish), resulting in the reduction of monetary fines levied on companies registered before the RNIE. The amendments to the RLIE provide for various changes in the filing of … read more

April 23, 2007

Use of Electronic Media in the National Registry of Foreign Investment

Presentation of notices and reports to the National Registry of Foreign Investments (“RNIE”) via the Internet. Beginning immediately, the RNIE has established a new system to file the following documents via Internet: (i) Applications for inscription in the RNIE; (ii) Amendments to information previously provided to the RNIE (increases or decreases in capital, transfers of shares or association interests, entity mergers, entity transformations, changes of corporate name or denomination, changes of tax domicile, changes of legal representative, extensions or amendments to company purposes and/or suspensions of activities); (iii) Renewals of Certificate of Inscription in the RNIE through presentation of the annual economic report; (iv) filing of quarterly reports of income and expenditures of parties inscribed in the RNIE; (v) consultations … read more