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June 9, 2016

Honda Advances in Celaya

Following the opening of its operations in El Salto, Jalisco 19 years ago, Honda has inaugurated a new plant in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. With an initial investment of $800 million, Honda begins production of the Honda Fit. It is expected that the new plant will produce 200,000 vehicles and engines annually. The plant has not yet reached full capacity, but when it reaches the 200,000 unit figure, Honda North America will produce 95% of the vehicles it sells in the United States. Honda has projected that it will employ 3,200 people at its new plant, using the most advanced technology available in the world, similar to its innovative plant in Yori, Japan, which began operations in 2013. Also, … read more

June 9, 2016

A Boom in Indirect Suppliers

As a result of recent investments by U.S., Japanese, Korean and German auto manufacturers in Mexico, an intense wave of automotive indirect supplier activity has occurred. This has provided Mexico with a tremendous opportunity to continue the success of its automotive industry. Such investments have opened up new opportunities at different levels of the automotive supply chain, in which the public and private sectors have designed strategies to strengthen the participation of Mexican suppliers. The challenge is to comply with the high-volume production requirements, as well as requirements for optimal quality. The participation of automotive suppliers in Mexico’s domestic industry brings benefits to companies that have decided to establish themselves in Mexico to do business. Additionally, and no less important, … read more

June 9, 2016

Mexico, Automotive Review Now Being Published in Mexico

The 2015 edition of Mexico, Automotive Review has now been published and should be of great interest to those who follow the Mexican automotive industry. This publication contains 14 chapters covering the Mexican automotive industry. The publication covers investments and competitiveness, research and development, human capital and development, logistics and facility location. It also has a specific chapter on Doing Business in Mexico and a vision of the future for this important industry. Interviews with various leaders of the automotive industry are also included, which allow readers to gain a full perspective and insightful information regarding industrial, commercial, technical and administrative aspects of the industry. In addition, it offers brief but informative articles by authors who serve as executives and … read more

June 9, 2016

Automotive Plants in Mexico

The following shows the expansion of the automotive industry in Mexico by company, city and state location, and model. Chrysler, Saltillo, Coah.,Motores Chrysler, Toluca, Edomex, Camiones Ram Ford, Cuautitlán, Edomex, Ford Fiesta Ford, Hermosillo, Son., Ford Fusion, Lincoln, MKZ Ford, Chihuahua, Chih, Motores y Fundición General Motors, Ramos Arizpe, Coah.,, Chevrolet Sonic, Chevrolet y Cadillas SRX General Motors, Silao, Gto., Cheyenne Chevrolet y GMC Sierra General Motors, Toluca, Edomex, Motores General Motors, San Luis Potosí, SLP, Chevrolet Aveo Mazda, Salamanca, Gto.,Mazda3 Honda, El Salto, Jal., CRV Nissan, Celaya, Gto., Fit Nissan, Civac, Mor., Camiones Frontier Nissan, Civac, Mor., Tiida, Tiida HB, Nv 200, Versa Nissan, Aguascalientes 1, Ags., March Versa, Sentra, Motores 4 cilindros Nissan, Aguascalientes 2, Ags, Sentra Toyota, Tecate, … read more

January 15, 2016

Automotive Numbers

In October 2015, 119,867light vehicles were sold in Mexico, the highest figure for that month and 18.8% higher than sales in October 2014;   Total domestic vehicle sales in Mexico from January to October 2015 consisted of 46% vehicles produced in Mexico and 54% vehicles produced abroad;   326,876 light vehicles were produced in Mexico in October 2015, 1.0% below those produced  in October 2014;   245,224 light vehicles were exported from Mexico during the month of October 2015, 4.7% below the amount exported in October 2014;   Through October 2015, 14,442,059 light vehicles were sold in the United States, which is 5.9% higher than sales reported in January to October 2014;   Of the total vehicles sold in the … read more

January 15, 2016

Tied Sales Prohibited in Mexican Auto Sale Transactions

In Mexico, financial institutions may not condition a sale, transaction or financial service on the procurement of another service. Such tying is generally referred to as “tied sales.”  These schemes are frequently used in the sale of light vehicles. The National Commission for the Protection of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF, for its acronym in Spanish), has issued regulations to prevent practices such as requiring purchasers sign up for advanced Internet banking services or open a new deposit account  In the automotive market, it is prohibited for a financial institution to obligate its customers to take out a   permanent disability insurance policy or insure the vehicle with the same financial group that providing financing on the car..  Under Mexican law, … read more

January 15, 2016

Toyota Once Again Tops Volkswagen in Vehicle Sales

Toyota, which had lost its first place ranking in global sales to Volkswagen, has once again surpassed Volkswagen to regain the top ranking. The diesel vehicle emissions scandal that plagued Volkswagen allowed Toyota to reconquer its first place ranking.    Toyota’s sales, as reported by Toyota,   totaled 8.35 million vehicles from January through October 2015.  In the same period, Volkswagen sold 8.26 million vehicles. While sales of both Toyota and Volkswagen were below the same 2014 period, Toyota fell 1.2 %, while Volkswagen fell 1.7 %.

January 15, 2016

Mexico Grand Prix A Big Success

After 23 years of absence, the Grand Prix returned to Mexico with great success. So much so that the International Automobile Federation (FIA, for its acronym in Spanish) recognized the work of Mexican organizers and conferred to the organizing committee the award for the Best Event of the Year. At the award ceremony, it became clear that the Mexican professional and volunteer workers did a magnificent job, but most noted was the enthusiasm of the public.   The award is well deserved, but also means a commitment for the organizers of the Grand Prix in 2016. They will have to maintain the same level of efficiency as shown in the 2015 event and again meet global expectations for this year’s Mexico … read more

January 15, 2016

Procedures for Temporarily Importing Vehicles into Mexico

Both Foreigners and Mexicans, who reside abroad and can prove they work outside Mexico are eligible to import their vehicles into Mexico on a temporary basis.  The requirements vary depending on whether the importer is a foreigner or a Mexican residing abroad.  The latter, as well as Mexicans who can prove that they have worked abroad for at least a year, must submit documentation confirming that they are temporary or permanent residents abroad.  Foreigners, if they enter the country as tourists, temporary residents or temporary student residents, must present their passports and the document issued by the Mexican immigration authorities. They will have to prove ownership or possession of the vehicle and must present an invoice, title or vehicle registration … read more

November 13, 2015

Formula 1 a Huge Success in Mexico

After 23 years off, Formula 1 racing returned to Mexico. The extraordinary results of the race exceeded all expectations. The effort, which was organized by various parties including the federal and Mexico City governments, as well as numerous sponsors, was well rewarded. It is estimated that more than 110,000 spectators attended each of the three racing days at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome. The participation of Checo Perez in the return of Formula 1 racing to Mexico made him the favorite driver of thousands of Mexican fans who followed the race, including those who attended the race at the newly renovated Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome facility, as well as those who followed it on television, radio and social media. Even though Checo … read more