May 7, 2015

COFECE Draft guide on Notifying Economic Concentrations Opened to Public Comment

On April 22, 2014, Mexico’s Antitrust Commission (COFECE for its Spanish acronym)
published an Excerpt of the First Draft of the Guide to Notify Economic Concentrations in the
Official Journal of the Federation. The Technical Secretary provides notice of the
commencement of the period for public comment for 30 business days after the date of
publication so that interested person may present their comments to the draft to COFECE. The
purpose of the Guide is to clearly explain the concepts, regulations and procedures associated
with the notification of economic concentrations and, in effect, to facilitate the process of said
procedures for notifying economic agents. The Guide is important because it is the first one to be
published under the terms of the new Federal Antitrust Law passed on May 23, 2014. Once the
period for public comment ends, COFECE will consider every comment received to make its
final adjustments to the Guide prior to the publication of its final version. The published draft of
the Guide is available, in its entirety, on the COFECE portal ( under the
Frequent Users, Public Comments section. Comments may be submitted directly to COFECE or
sent via email to