January 12, 2018

“Electricity Reform in Mexico” Third Annual Conference Highlights

By José Maria Lujambio

“Electricity Reform in Mexico” Third Annual Conference Highlights

The third annual conference entitled “Electricity Reform in Mexico” was held in San Antonio, Texas on September 28-29, 2017. This recurring event was again organized by Kinetic (www.becomekinetic.com).

It is worth noting the generous participation of many keynote speakers, such as: Commissioner Marcelino Madrigal of the Energy Regulatory Commission (“CRE”); Mauricio Herrera, General Director of Electrical Market Surveillance for the CRE; Efraín Téllez, founding partner of the Enix consultancy; Alejandro Ibarra, research professor of the EGADE of Tecnológico de Monterrey; as well as the illuminating contributions in discussion panels by Rebecca Bollenbach (Essentia Advisors); Cristian de Cosío (Cemex Energía); Alberto Ríos (Acclaim Energy); Austin Collins (Energy Network); Al García (Association of Energy Marketers); Tom Ottem (Yes Energy); Geoff Street (Tenaska); Salvador Alarcón (TradeOn); Jonathan Pinzón (Zumma rg + c); Víctor Ramírez Cabrera (National Solar Energy Association); and Dan Seif (Grid Economics).

The exhibitors’ presentations may be accessed through the following link: http://www.becomekinetic.com/mexico-electricity-reform-2017-presentations. Such presentations offer recent information on the achievements and next steps in Mexico’s electricity reform, the foundations of the nascent Mexican electricity market and its necessary oversight, new opportunities for end users, commercialization of electric energy and associated products, the interconnection of large-scale solar projects, and the growth of distributed generation in the United States and Mexico.

Many of the 60 attendees expressed satisfaction with the high level of discussion and the opportunity to establish new contacts with other stakeholders interested in the development of the Mexican electricity market.

We will continue to collaborate in the organization of forums that contribute to an open and critical conversation about the Mexican energy sector, all toward the end of strengthening ties between Mexico and the United States.