August 17, 2008

New Law for the Fostering of Book Reading

While the media in the United States (The New York Times) debates on whether teenagers should spend more time reading
books rather than obtaining information off the Internet, on July 24, 2008, the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF)
published a new Law for the Fostering of Book Reading. With such law, Mexico joins other countries with great editorial
tradition with laws on book reading, such as Spain, France, Germany and Argentina. This new law provides for a dual
approach to foster and promote the reading of books and designates the Department of Public Education, the National
Board for Culture and Arts, the National Board for the Promotion of Reading Books and the state and municipal
governments, as well as the Government of the Federal District, as the responsible authorities under such law. In addition
to development and promotion activities, in order to strengthen the cultural and educational scene of Mexico through
reading books, the Law for the Fostering of Book Reading includes cultural development aspects with regards to the
observance of copyrights and sets forth price controls through a fixed price for books in order to protect consumers.


Issue 56–August 2008