October 18, 2014

Recent Jurisprudence – Trademarks. Foreign Language

By Adrián Salgado

Recently, the Full Session on Administrative Matters of the First Circuit of the Supreme Court of Justice of the
Nation approved legal opinion number PC.I.A. J/23 A (10a), titled: “Trademarks. The Mexican Institute of
Industrial Property has the authority to translate words in a foreign language that are submitted for registration in
order to determine their viability for registration.” In this legal opinion, the court resolves, by contradictory legal

opinion, that the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property may translate words submitted for registration that are
in a foreign language in order to determine whether such may be registered through means of the trademark
examination procedure. The foregoing applies, considering that section XXII of Article 6 of the Industrial
Property Law authorizes it to carry out the necessary activities in accordance with its legal authority.