April 3, 2020

Compliance with Official Mexican Standards (NOM’s) Issued by Mexico’s Department of the Economy

The General Director of Norms, together with the General Director for the Facilitation of Commerce and Foreign Trade, recently issued official notice number 414.2020.827 dated March 26, 2020. The new guidance states that goods may be imported into Mexico subject to compliance with Official Mexican Standards by using the application that was presented to the corresponding Certification Agency or Verification Unit, and by including a statement on the folio of the import declaration (pedimento) containing the acknowledgment of receipt.

Likewise, the new guidance establishes that companies with a Sectoral Promotion Program (PROSEC) may import goods without having to demonstrate compliance with Official Mexican Standards, even when such goods are not listed in number 5 of the Decree. This will apply only to supplies, raw materials and fixed assets that are used in the development of goods imported under the Authorized Program.

If neither a certificate of conformity nor a compliance report can be obtained for the imported goods, then any importations relying on the folio containing the acknowledgment of receipt will no longer be allowed.

The referenced official notice will remain in effect until further notice.