March 28, 2020

Institutional Measures

The Mexican government has concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic will go through the following three phases: (i) Importation: During this phase, the disease was imported into Mexico by means of travel related cases. The official response to such was to prevent it from spreading by reducing physical contact, informing the public to wash their hands often, monitoring reported cases, and disclosing information; (ii) Community transmission: Mexico is currently in this second phase, during which time transmission is occurring within Mexico without the infected persons having been in contact with anyone who was exposed outside of the country. Reported cases increase and some of the measures being taken are the suspension of classes, working remotely, i.e. home office, the cancellation of large events, and ceasing activities in enclosed spaces (ex: movie theaters and bars); and (iii) Epidemiological stage: During this phase, thousands of people in different locations are infected and the most drastic protective measures may be taken, such as a general quarantine.