June 9, 2016

Mexico, Automotive Review Now Being Published in Mexico

The 2015 edition of Mexico, Automotive Review has now been published and should be of great interest to those who follow the Mexican automotive industry. This publication contains 14 chapters covering the Mexican automotive industry. The publication covers investments and competitiveness, research and development, human capital and development, logistics and facility location. It also has a specific chapter on Doing Business in Mexico and a vision of the future for this important industry. Interviews with various leaders of the automotive industry are also included, which allow readers to gain a full perspective and insightful information regarding industrial, commercial, technical and administrative aspects of the industry. In addition, it offers brief but informative articles by authors who serve as executives and presidents of the companies that make up what is known as – which is the same name of this publication – MexicanAutomotive. In addition to being an interesting and useful source of information, the book is almost a work of art with 397 photographs showing the various automotive plants that have been built in Mexico, current automobiles being produced there as well as unedited photos of the Formula 1 race depicting Mexican drivers Sergio “Checo” Perez and Esteban Gutierrez.