November 1, 2016

Ocean Shipping Vital for the Mexican Automotive Industry

During the first half of 2016, 7.4% of Mexican vehicle exports traveled via ocean shipping from Mexican Gulf Coast-Caribbean ports. The remaining 22.6% were exported from Mexico’s Pacific ports. As for vehicle imports, 59.2% entered Mexico from Gulf Coast- Caribbean ports. Fully 80% of vehicles manufactured in Mexico were sold abroad, while 54% of vehicles sold in Mexico’s domestic auto market were manufactured outside of Mexico. Veracruz is the number one automotive port in Mexico for automotive manufacturers.  During the January-July 2016 period, 370,855 vehicles passed through the port of Veracruz.  Such figure represents 63.4% of all exports being shipped via ocean carrier. The ports of Lazaro Cardenas with 22.4%, and Altamira with 5.4%, also played a significant role in Mexican automotive exports.