A substantial part of CCN’s practice involves representing automotive and auto-parts industry clients, particularly in Mexico. Mexico’s automotive industry is subject to laws, regulations and standards. CCN’s attorneys have years of experience counseling clients on the details and intricacies of automotive law. CCN attorneys have in-depth experience in matters related to Mexican manufacturing and export programs, including the IMMEX Program and the Prosec Program.


The firm’s extensive expertise includes promotion of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industries, or IMMEX Program (formerly, the Maquila Program). IMMEX offers export incentives to companies operating in Mexico, specifically in the form of tax deferment on the import of raw materials and export of finished product. Operations must fulfill the requirements of the IMMEX Program as defined and referenced in a variety of different Mexican laws in order to qualify for the benefits available through IMMEX. Clients leverage CCN’s expertise to navigate through the complex laws and determine the relationship between IMMEX and NAFTA articles with regard to cross-border business, and to determine potential cost-savings for their operation.


The Prosec Program offers another opportunity for Mexican manufacturing operations in the Automotive and other industries to qualify for reduced rates or no cost for imported goods, raw materials or equipment required for their manufacturing process. Prosec was introduced to protect Mexican operations in the automotive, textiles and electronics industries from higher tariffs they might otherwise have been subject to under NAFTA. CCN counsels clients in the qualification for and implementation of the Prosec Program in their Mexican Automotive operations.

The firm’s expertise runs consistently along all phases of Automotive Law. This includes tax, labor and due diligence reviews of prospective operations by real estate, customs and construction counsel in a start-up or acquisition to ongoing value-added professional services across the range of legal issues clients face.

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