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CCN has experienced attorneys who are licensed in Mexico and who possess extensive knowledge of Mexican law and the Mexican legal system at all levels of Mexican courts and governmental agencies. The firm’s experts in Mexican law have practical experience within the Mexican legal field, extensive training and education that qualifies them as expert witnesses, along with detailed knowledge of the history, norms and application of Mexican law.  The firm’s Mexican attorneys have authored numerous books, articles, and legal publications, and are able to lend their practical knowledge on specific questions of Mexican law in their roles as experts in a given area of Mexican law. CCN’s expert witnesses are accustomed to working with U.S. co-counsel to analyze Mexican legal issues, provide written statements on particular Mexican legal questions.  CCN’s Mexican law experts are accustomed to providing affidavits, declarations, deposition testimony and other support to their U.S. co-counsel in state and federal court proceedings.

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