Healthcare, Life Sciences and Sanitary Regulatory Compliance

CCN’s attorneys have ample experience in a variety of practice areas that relate to the healthcare and life sciences industries, including transactional, regulatory, and compliance matters, as well as litigation.

The firm represents numerous multinational companies in the healthcare and life sciences industries with operations throughout Mexico in a variety of areas, including corporate, contracts, labor, customs, and intellectual property, among others.  

CCN has helped its clients obtain sanitary permits and licenses for facilities and for goods and services in the following industries: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare services, medical devices, hygiene products, cosmetics, vegetal nutrients, pesticides and toxic substances. CCN’s attorneys advise clients as relates to their start-up and ongoing operations, including research and development, manufacturing, import-export, distribution and marketing of their goods and services. We advise both on the domestic and international operations, taking regulatory matters into consideration, including notices and licenses required for operation, sanitary registrations, notices and permits required for importations, certificates of export, manufacturing best practices, sanitary and commercial labeling, recalls, consumer protection, marketing and compliance with Mexican Official Standards (NOMs).

CCN also represent clients in the healthcare and life sciences industries in administrative, labor, civil, commercial, and intellectual property litigation, including the enforcement and defense of client matters before governmental authorities and against their respective customers, providers, distributors, competitors, employees and consumers.

Attorneys covering this practice area