Labor & Employment

The firm maintains complete labor law resources throughout its offices to advise clients on Mexican labor law. Mexico’s Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo) contains significant protection for employees and differs substantially from labor laws in the United States and other countries outside Mexico. This Federal Labor Law includes regulations governing labor contracts, minimum wages required within Mexico, and benefits for employees such as profit sharing and holiday bonuses. It also includes information about labor union regulations. Companies currently doing business in Mexico as well as international companies researching the feasibility of operating within Mexico, must be aware of these work force protections in order to comply with applicable labor laws and regulations.

CCN’s expertise includes planning strategies to prevent labor problems and labor litigation, and advising clients on maintaining compliance with Mexican labor law. The firm also represents clients in a wide variety of labor litigation matters.
It is especially important to have local attorneys available to handle immediate labor law needs. Six locations throughout Mexico, including offices in Mexico City and Monterrey, serve CCN clients in all matters related to labor law. CCN works with its clients throughout its Mexico offices, offering immediate service on labor issues and consultation on Mexico’s labor law. CCN also provides representation in labor litigation concerns within the Mexican labor court system, called the Conciliation and Arbitration Board (Junta de Conciliacion y Arbitraje, JCA).

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