How Foreign Investors Can Use U.S. Wills to Accomplish Their Estate Planning Goals

When it comes to cross-border business ventures, the importance of estate planning often remains overshadowed by immediate investment pursuits. However, for international investors eyeing opportunities within the United States, prudent consideration of estate planning is paramount. While some may have made estate planning arrangements within their home jurisdictions, the adoption of a U.S. Situs Will […]

Mexico publishes long-awaited ADR Law

New General Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms On January 26, 2024th, the new General Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (“GLADRM”) was published in the Official Journal of the Federation, in compliance with the 2017 constitutional amendment that made Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms a constitutionally protected practice in Mexico. The GLADRM seeks to regulate […]

Validity of Mediation Agreements in Mexico City

Mediation is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods available in Mexico. In mediation, the parties go to a mediator to avoid or put an end to a dispute after negotiation, with reciprocal concessions. This results in an agreement, which, when executed before an authorized mediator, has the status of res judicata, the same as […]

Mexico Adopts Amendments to the REPSE Renewal Process

On February 21, 2024 the Mexican government published a Decree in the Official Journal of the Federation, (the “Decree”) amending the general rules for registering individuals or legal entities that provide specialized services or perform specialized work as referred to in Article 15 of Mexico’s Federal Labor Law. The amendments include the following: The renewal of […]

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