At CCN, we analyze and provide advice on antitrust matters, particularly in relation to monopolistic practices, antitrust, substantial control over relevant markets, identification of economic agents and market entry barriers. Our firm’s attorneys have years of experience in preparing and filing applications required to obtain necessary resolutions and authorizations, and also in devising defense strategies sought by our clients.

Our attorneys have obtained favorable resolutions from the Mexican Federal Commission of Economic Competition (Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica) authorizing complex mergers subject to prior analysis and authorization in Mexico. Such work includes participation in numerous projects for the acquisition, divestment, and consolidation of ownership and assets in domestic and international transactions, serving our clients’ needs in different markets and industrial sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, textiles, agricultural products, and construction.

The firm’s attorneys frequently collaborate with legal and business advisers in other jurisdictions to handle transactions that require assistance in Mexico, a coordinated or simultaneous economic competition defense, and/or approvals from government agencies in different countries.


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