CCN’s environmental practice features attorneys and professionals with longstanding experience handling matters in Mexico related to environmental impact, social impact, waste management, the federal maritime-terrestrial zone, water rights, site contamination and remediation, air quality, atmospheric emissions, environmental management programs, as well as regulatory and compliance transactions, including compliance with official standards. Such experience includes representing clients before all levels of governmental authorities, follow-up and processing of administrative litigation initiated by Mexican federal and state environmental authorities, defending against class actions, and representation in related matters.

The firm provides advice on environmental and regulatory aspects affecting clients both in Mexico and abroad, which is characterized by our extensive experience in environmental due diligence procedures, identifying risks, and providing solutions in situations that could present an environmental contingency for our clients.

CCN also advises clients on environmental matters as they commence their business activities in Mexico, assisting them in obtaining required environmental authorizations before federal, state, and municipal authorities.


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