Financial Services

Since 1994, CCN has provided legal services in Mexico and the United States to companies from various industries and commercial sectors seeking financing, as well as to numerous local and international commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, non-banking financial institutions, multiple-purpose financial entities (SOFOMs for their Spanish acronym), insurance companies, investment funds, and other lenders and participants in the industry, in a wide range of financing and banking transactions.

Our presence in eight key strategic cities located throughout Mexico and three offices in Texas is complemented by the strong relationships we have developed with our clients, contacts, and members of the financial sector during the course of almost 30 years. This has made our firm a strategic partner in the region and has given us unique knowledge and experience to allow us to assist clients as they plan, negotiate, and implement financial transactions, many with a cross-border component.

Our team of professionals is highly trained and has extensive experience in advising clients efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. This enables them to successfully surmount operational and legal challenges present in the financial services sector, including those arising from regulatory changes and global economic uncertainties which challenge local and international markets.

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