CCN’s bankruptcy professionals advise clients in complex credit and financial matters that require intervention in insolvency proceedings and represent creditors to achieve the recognition of their rights or separation of their assets affected in such proceedings. We also advise clients on how to handle suppliers, customers and counterparties who have been declared insolvent or who may be threatened by potential insolvency.

The firm’s attorneys have detailed knowledge of the principal tax, contractual, labor, and litigation aspects involved in insolvency proceedings. This enables them to advise firm clients on how to make the best decisions in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. The firm also advises clients on the sale of assets, liquidation proceedings, and the design and implementation of strategies in insolvency matters not requiring formal insolvency proceedings, particularly in Mexico.

In cases of international insolvency proceedings, the firm’s bankruptcy and insolvency attorneys have experience participating in a coordinated manner with our client’s executives, consultants and legal advisors in other jurisdictions.


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