The term “Nearshoring” refers to the relocation of companies or the transfer of their commercial or manufacturing operations to a country closer to the location of the end consumer. Various economic, political and cultural factors have recently led to focusing attention on Mexico as an ideal alternative to relocate operations in the region.

CCN was founded as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, just a few weeks after it came into effect, as per the increase in trade relations between Mexico, the United States and Canada. Today, with 30 years of experience advising foreign investors in the opening and expansion of their operations in Mexico, we have a team of bicultural lawyers with various specialties who are licensed to practice in both Mexico and the United States, which allows us to offer a comprehensive and complete legal service to satisfy all the needs that our clients have in Mexico.

We represent international clients and investors from various industries in a wide range of projects related to the initiation, transfer and/or expansion of their commercial operations into Mexico, including:

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