CCN has advised participants in all the stages of the energy sector value chain, which have entered to compete in the Mexican markets. At CCN we mainly serve the electricity, natural gas, and oil products’ subsectors.

Our client portfolio includes developers and operators of power plants with various capacities that deploy mainly clean energy sources, under the regulatory schemes applicable to large-scale generation, isolated supply, and distributed generation. 

We have clients that are participants in the Wholesale Electricity Market. We also have extensive experience advising non-supply traders, whom we have helped to initiate activities and implement various regulatory compliance actions.

From the perspective of the end user, we have advised multiple clients with their energy procurement, connection, and compliance strategies. 

Regarding hydrocarbons, our experience focuses on midstream and downstream activities, where we represent leading companies in the development of transportation and distribution pipelines and other means, as well as in natural gas commercialization activities.

Further, at CCN we have experienced attorneys who provide advice to companies specialized in transportation and storage, as well as production and wholesale commercialization of refined oil products. This includes clients that carry out or are involved in the import and export of said fuels. 

The firm has experience working throughout the entire Mexican energy legal field, which includes contacts with the Mexican federal government agencies, as well as disputes against the market operator, the regulator, and the State-owned utility, always in pursuit of the best possible results for our clients.

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