Food and Agribusiness

CCN’s attorneys have broad knowledge of all the legal issues related to the food and agribusiness supply chain. The firm advises clients on both local and cross-border operations, from food production (of agricultural, livestock, or other origin) to the processing, import/export, distribution, and sale of the final product.

Our attorneys’ expertise includes advice on regulatory matters, labeling, use of agrochemicals, food safety, and quality in Mexico and the United States. Likewise, our professionals advise clients as to producer matters, as well as in relation to service providers, including transportation, storage, and logistics.

In close collaboration with other CCN practice areas, we counsel clients on labor, customs, tax, and environmental issues, considering the particular needs of the food and agribusiness industries. We have extensive experience providing support through our Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions practice areas, taking into account the particularities of the industry that are required to ensure that our clients properly grant and receive loans and efficiently carry out acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate restructurings.

CCN has considerable experience in the implementation and maintenance of structures for the acquisition of real estate in Mexico for agricultural or livestock purposes. Such work encompasses planning and advice relating to current foreign investment and communal land limitations in Mexico.

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