Formation of the decentralized public entity “Litio para México”

On April 20, 2022, the Mexican Congress passed an amendment to the Mining Law, providing that lithium will now be considered as owned by the Mexican government and that the rights to such substance may no longer be the subject of concessions, contracts, or administrative acts for the benefit of private parties. For this reason, […]

SENER seeks to limit competition in the natural gas market

On June 13th, Mexico’s Department of Energy (“SENER”) issued an official communication instructing the National Center for Natural Gas Control (“CENAGAS”) , as part of the requirements to transport natural gas from the import points where a State productive company (or its subsidiaries or affiliates; the “EPE”) has reserved capacity upstream of said points, to […]

Defending the CRE

Several weeks have passed since Mexico’s President submitted his initiative to amend the Constitution on energy matters to the Chamber of Deputies. Since then, much has been written and said about its aims and the negative consequences it would have if approved. Most of the analyses have dealt with the substantive aspects of the initiative […]

The evidentiary value of electronic signatures and e-mails used in trial

In 2012, Mexico City’s Fourth Civil Court of Appeals issued the following Decision entitled “DOCUMENTS AND ELECTRONIC MAIL. THEIR EVIDENTIARY WEIGHT IN COMMERCIAL LAW.” This holding set forth the level of security and reliability given under Mexican law to electronic signatures and emails offered as evidence at trial, therefore establishing the probative value of each. […]

Mexico City approves the use of electronic media for civil matters

As a consequence of social distancing triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, several articles of the Civil Code and of the Notarial Law of Mexico City were amended by means of a decree published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City on August 4, 2021, for purposes of implementing the use of electronic media primarily with […]

México and the U.S. relaunch high-level economic dialogue

On September 9, high level representatives from Mexico and the United States, including Vice President Kamala Harris, several Department Heads and Ambassadors, relaunched High-Level Economic Dialogue (“HLED”), a dialogue mechanism implemented in 2013 during the administrations of Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Barack Obama. Attendees of the HLED discussed several important topics for both nations, […]

Mexico’s CFE requests regulator to suspend generation permits

Toward the end of last month, Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (“CFE”) stated in a press conference that a December 28, 2020, interruption in electricity supply was mainly due to a failure of the San Carlos wind power plant in Tamaulipas, which is owned by the Spanish company Acciona. Such conclusion was based on an expert […]

Mexico’s deregulation of PEMEX as a seller

A Decree was published in the Official Journal of the Federation (“DOF” for its acronym in Spanish) on May 19, 2021, amending the thirteenth transitory article of Mexico’s 2014 Hydrocarbons Law (the “Decree”) and granting the Energy Regulatory Commission (“CRE” for its acronym in Spanish) 30 days to abolish all general administrative regulations that had […]

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