Simplified Requirements for the Temporary Importation of Sugar under Mexico’s IMMEX Program

On April 5, 2024 the “Decree publishing the requirements to temporarily import goods included in Annex II of the Decree for the Promotion of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Industry” (the “Decree”) was published in the Official Journal of the Federation, which entered into force on April 8, 2024, and will remain valid through August 31, 2024.

Advantages of Nearshoring in Mexico – A Cost-Effective Alternative to Asia

The integration of commercial trade within North America is moving forward, and companies are looking to take advantage of the benefits that Mexico has to offer. With the rise in labor and transportation costs in China, ongoing trade wars, the war in Ukraine and growing concerns over resiliency, many supply chains have been disrupted. As […]

Criteria for registering an address under Mexico’s IMMEX Program

On May 9, 2022, the Mexican Secretary of Economy issued a Decree providing general rules and criteria regarding international trade (the “Decree”), which was published in the Official Journal of the Federation and is effective the day after its publication, with some exceptions provided in the Decree’s transitory articles. The Decree abrogates the previous decree […]

Mandatory inspections at the Mexico-Texas border suspended

After U.S. President Joe Biden’s April 6, 2022 decision to eliminate the Centers for Disease Control order known as Title 42, which was implemented to stem illegal immigrant and drug traffic between the United States and Mexico, Texas Governor Greg Abbott imposed strong inspection measures on all importations from Mexico entering Texas through land ports […]

Mexico repeals rule 5.2.5. from 2020 general foreign trade rules

The Fifth Resolution Amending Mexico’s 2020 General Foreign Trade Rules (the “Resolution”) was published in the Official Journal of the Federation on May 27, 2021.  Among other amendments, it repeals rule 5.2.5. Rule 5.2.5. allowed a sale of temporarily imported goods to be considered as a sale that occurred abroad between a foreign seller and […]

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