The Letter of Intent for Real Estate Projects

As a result of the effects caused by nearshoring in Mexico, the industrial real estate market has seen an increase in the demand for the acquisition and leasing of industrial space, thus creating a “sellers and landlords’ market”. The limited availability of ideal conditions for certain projects has caused a significant increase in the cost […]

Recommended Precautions When Transferring a Timeshare Interest in Mexico

Timeshare transfers in Mexico have become more common in recent years, and unfortunately several forms of scams have been used to victimize timeshare owners. This article lists some important considerations to take into account when receiving an alleged offer to purchase a timeshare interest. For purposes of Mexico’s Federal Consumer Protection Law (“LFPC”), a timeshare […]

Use of waterfall distributions in U.S. private equity real estate investments

There are a variety of ways in which industrial and multitenant commercial development projects are financed in the United States. One common form of financing is private equity real estate investment, which typically involve as key players a senior institutional lender, possibly a subordinated mezzanine debt lender, as well as a general partner and several […]

Skyrocketing real property tax appraised values throughout Texas

The real estate market in Texas experienced unprecedented growth in 2021 and real property values skyrocketed as buyers took advantage of low interest rates and competed in a market with high demand and limited inventory. Counties throughout Texas are in the process of sending property owners their annual Notices of Appraised Value and many real […]

Mexico amends income tax law governing sales of mexican real property

On November 12, 2021, a Decree amending various provisions of the Mexican Income Tax Law and related regulations was published, effective January 1, 2022.  The Decree includes changes to article 160 of the Income Tax Law and establishes that for purposes of proceeds from the sale of Mexican real property, the source of wealth is […]

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