Mexico Publishes New Guidelines for Facility Inspections to Verify Essential Activities


The Mexican Federal Department of Labor recently issued guidelines for inspectors to follow when conducting workplace inspections to verify compliance with the Decree issued by the Mexican Ministry of Health on March 31, 2020 and to determine whether activities conducted at such workplaces are essential. The companies to be visited are those for which it is known, by any means, that it is probable that the company is not complying with required labor standards, or where a complaint or report has been submitted claiming that employees are working in conditions that put their health at risk due to exposure to COVID-19. The guidelines list the information and documents that will be reviewed during an inspection. It is of upmost importance to be familiar with the guidelines and to be thoroughly prepared in advance of any facility inspection.If a workplace is deemed to be essential, the inspector will verify compliance with the measures set forth in the Decree, including among other obligations relating to social distancing, hygiene and the protection of vulnerable employees. If a workplace is not deemed to be essential, Mexico’s labor authorities will order it to immediately suspend activities. Click the link below to read an English translation of the inspection guidelines.http://localhost:10013/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Criteria-Applicable-to-Extraordinary-Inspections.pdf

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