PRODECON Decree Relating to COVID-19


On April 3, 2020, Mexico’s Taxpayers Ombudsman (“PRODECON” by its acronym in Spanish), issued General Decree number 03/2020, by means of which it temporally suspended on-site activities at its headquarters and branch offices. PRODECON’s services are not suspended, however, as of April 6, 2020 the following will be implemented:

  1. In-person meetings with the public are suspended, such as in-person procedures and activities conducted by PRODECON, at its offices and branch offices;
  2. All services will continue to be provided remotely, via telephone (5512059000 and 018006110190), via online chat on the following website, and via email;
  3. PRODECON will continue to provide advisory services, services relating to complaints, inquiries, and conclusive agreements, as well as any other service it renders, with respect to matters that are urgent or necessary, such as the following: (a) cancellation of digital seal certificates; (b) temporary restriction of said certificates; (c) freezing of bank accounts; (d) for un-encumbered goods; (e) suspension in the importers and specific sectors registry; (f) cancellation of employer registration before the Mexican Social Security Institute (“IMSS” by its acronym in Spanish), as well as any other act of authority that, by its nature is considered urgent or necessary at the discretion of the acting Head of PRODECON, the Deputy Attorney Generals, the General Secretary or their Delegates;
  4. Due to office closures, taxpayers and authorized persons must file documents electronically, as appropriate, from the email addresses designated and authorized in the respective files;
  5. During the time period beginning April 6, 2020 and ending when the General Health Council determines that the emergency has ceased, deadlines and time periods applicable to both taxpayers and tax authorities with respect to procedures for complaints, consultations, and conclusive agreements, will continue to run;
  6. The processing of files relating to complaints, consultations and conclusive agreements that are not urgent or necessary may be temporarily suspended during the time period beginning April 6, 2020 and ending when the General Health Council determines that the emergency has ceased.

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