Strengthening Relations between Mexico and the United States


The North American Leaders’ Summit is somewhat of a formality, involving the meeting of the presidents of Mexico and the United States and the prime minister of Canada. Such meeting was held recently in Mexico City, where the leaders demonstrated a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding. However, diplomacy is not only good manners and friendly ways, but involves daily work in different areas. One of them is the work carried out by the Mexican consulate corps, assigned to positions in 50 cities throughout the United States representing the broad swath of Mexicans living in the United States.

Every year, Mexico’s Department of Foreign Affairs brings together the consuls general in Mexico City to exchange ideas, projects and points of view with the purpose of strengthening one of their least visible, but most important tasks: the protection of Mexicans abroad. This year, the agenda to be carried out in March 2023 will cover the crucial aspects of the relationship between the two countries. In this way, the consular representatives working in the North American region will carry out a work program that will include basic aspects in criminal and immigration matters; how to react in crisis situations (shootings); attention to vulnerable groups and victims of human rights violations; preventive protection instruments; and mental health services for consular personnel.

The topics to be discussed gives a clear idea of the importance of consular work. It is hoped that they will enjoy success in their next meeting, which will benefit this important bilateral relationship.

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