Mexico Issues New Official Regulations on the Transportation of Hazardous Cargo


On May 27, 2024, Official Mexican Regulation NOM-043-SCT-SEMAR-ARTF-2023 (the “NOM”) was published in the Official Journal of the Federation (the “DOF”), regulating the “Transport document of hazardous cargo”.

A Transport document of hazardous cargo (hereinafter, the “Transport Document”) contains information for the identification of hazardous cargo, of its potential dangers, and of statements to be taken into consideration for the transportation of hazardous cargo.

In Mexico, any individual or entity which manufactures, loads, ships or sends hazardous substances and/or materials, and/or hazardous waste to a recipient by any land, air and/or maritime means of communication, must prepare the required Transport Document, while carriers must maintain such throughout the entire transportation route of the cargo.

Based on the above, the NOM regulates how the Transport Document must be prepared and issued, and even includes instructions to fill out the form and an example of said document.

The NOM replaces NOM-043-SCT/2003, which regulated the Transport Document, but under the name “Shipping document for hazardous substances, materials and waste”. The substitution arises from the government’s intention to align the Transport Document with the United Nations Model Regulations on the Transport of Hazardous Goods.

The NOM will enter into force 180 days following the date of its publication in the DOF. Therefore, CCN’s Logistics and Transportation team is available in case readers have any questions related to the Transport Document and the applicable new regulations.

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