In an international business transaction, perhaps no other factor is more necessary than a complete understanding of applicable international tax laws and regulations. As a firm built on assisting clients with international projects, CCN attorneys posses the experience and skills required to fulfill this need. The firm’s tax services include international tax planning, tax consulting and advisory services, requests for rulings, opinions and refunds, government consultations, fiscal legislative consulting and tax litigation.

Clients frequently come to CCN for assistance with tax litigation, tax appeals and responses to audit by fiscal authorities. CCN attorneys have advised clients as to reorganizations and restructuring of companies and businesses in Mexico through mergers, consolidations, spin-offs, liquidations, capital redemptions, transfer of shares or assets or otherwise. The firm has successfully obtained multiple tax exempt authorization rulings from the Mexican Department of Treasury and Public Finance (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público) for reorganizations of international operations with business locations in Mexico. The firm’sinternational tax consultants represent clients in state, federal, district, and federal appellate courts, including the Mexican Supreme Court. The firm maintains close working relationships with tax officials at all levels of the Mexican government to best assist its clients with their international tax needs.

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