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CCN has a broad-based and active cross-border real estate practice, with an emphasis on industrial, commercial, agricultural and recreational real estate projects. Recently, in the area of recreational property, CCN real estate lawyers have assisted a large number of clients in the purchase of large recreational hunting ranches in several Mexican states. CCN’s U.S. and Mexico licensed attorneys in 3 CCN office locations in Mexico and Texas have represented these clients to carry out real property due diligence efforts, negotiate purchase and sale agreements, obtain hunting permits, and advise the clients on complex communal land (ejido) ownership and water rights issues.

The firm has ample experience handling property acquisitions, industrial, commercial and recreational leases, mortgages, finance, lending, real property trusts and property development and subdivisions. Some of these real estate projects involved conversion of communal property ejidos into fee simple property. Besides complex real estate law considerations, these projects required the negotiation of joint venture agreements, the formation of various Mexican legal entities, the development of sound international tax strategies and securing financing from multiple lenders.

In the industrial real estate area, CCN’s attorneys have worked throughout Mexico and Texas with a variety of parties, including manufacturers, developers, construction firms and consultants. This includes significant experience in industrial park development, construction and acquisition in Mexico. The firm has also counseled clients carrying out projects in the condominium, hotel, recreational, tourism and retail sectors. These projects usually involve tax, zoning, environmental, foreign investment, water rights and other issues. CCN’s attorneys are accustomed to handling all of the issues pertaining to real estate matters in Mexico. On behalf of its clients engaged in real estate transactions, CCN attorneys work closely and constantly with Mexican notaries public. The firm also coordinates its efforts with banks and other lenders. Such efforts extend to working with municipal, state and federal officials in matters related to real estate permits, concessions, registrations and incentives.

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