The firm’s attorneys have worked with clients on a wide variety of corporate projects in both the United States and Mexico. CCN has a long history of involvement with cross-border and multi-jurisdictional mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, reorganizations, consolidations and related corporate issues. With their knowledge of the United States and Mexican legal systems, firm attorneys are able to handle, in an efficient manner, corporate projects throughout the North American market. As a full service firm, CCN’s expertise extends to the tax, regulatory and anti-trust areas. Firm clients receive advice that affords a broader legal perspective of, for example, a proposed international merger or a large corporate reorganization. Such integrated approach usually results in more efficient and expeditious handling of these types of projects. Additionally, the firm maintains corporate records of hundreds of Mexican and U.S. entities. It is experienced in handling all matters related to the creation, maintenance, sale, dissolution or any other event affecting the entities it represents. With law offices throughout Texas and Mexico, the firm is capable of assisting corporate and securities clients in these complex and integrated markets.

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